Tribal Elections


Candidate & Tribal Election Information

Chief and Tribal Council Election Ordinance adopted in CB-88-19

2019 Tribal Election Information

2019 Voter Participation Report

7/17/2019 Election Board Public Notice-2019 Official Election Results

7/13/2019 2019 Unofficial Election Results

6/19/2019 Final Election Board Public Notice-Open Voting Locations for General Election

5/21/2019 Election Board Public Notice-Open Voting Locations for General Election

3/14/2019 Election Board Public Notice-General Election Calendar

2019 General Election Sample Ballots (Please be aware that you will need to scroll through the samples to locate your specific ballot.  The district is listed at the top of each ballot.)

Candidate Information

Choctaw Nation Qualified Candidate Listing 2019

Choctaw Nation Prospective Candidate Listing 2019 

Choctaw Nation Candidate Biography Biskinik Insert 2019


Tribal Election Information
Sample Ballot (PDF) The sample ballot is not specific for the 2017 General Election and is used for demonstration purposes only.

The Choctaw Nation Tribal elections are held every four years to elect Tribal officials. Choctaw Indians who are registered to vote and have their Tribal membership cards will be eligible to vote in the Tribal elections. 

Election Reform Committee Summary Meeting 01 (PDF)
Election Reform Committee Summary Meeting 02 (PDF)

Informational Videos

Campaign Tips

Voter Registration

Mail Ballot

Election Board Meeting Minutes

3/13/2019 Meeting Minutes

4/10/2019 Meeting Minutes

5/21/2019 Meeting Minutes

5/29/2019 Meeting Minutes

6/5/2019 Meeting Minutes

6/13/2019 Meeting Minutes

6/20/2019 Meeting Minutes

6/26/2019 Meeting Minutes

7/3/2019 Meeting Minutes

7/17/2019 Meeting Minutes

7/30/2019 Meeting Minutes

8/15/2019 Meeting Minutes


Voter Registration

Election Board Contact

P.O. Box 748
Durant, OK 74702-0748
Fax: 580-920-1132 
Phone: 580-924-8280 or 1-800-522-6170 Ext. 2989 and 2289 

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