About the Choctaw Nation

The Choctaw Nation is the third-largest Indian nation in the United States, with over 225,000 tribal members and 12,000-plus associates. The first tribe over the Trail of Tears, historic boundaries are in the southeast corner of Oklahoma. The Choctaw Nation’s vision, “Living out the Chahta Spirit of faith, family and culture,” is evident as it continues to focus on providing opportunities for growth and prosperity.


Living out the Chahta spirit of faith, family and culture.

Standing Pole


To the Choctaw proud, ours is the sovereign nation offering opportunities for growth and prosperity.

The choctaw Nation Great Seal

The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation

Formalized in 1857, the pipe within the seal is traditionally understood as a representation of community alliances. Rising tobacco smoke from the pipe can symbolize prayer connections, and the unstrung bow is a symbol of the Choctaw people's love of peace but willingness to go to war if attacked. The three arrows honor Choctaw Chiefs Pushmataha, Moshulatubbee and Apuckshunnubbee.

Chief Gary Batton

Gary Batton

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Assistant Chief Jack Austin Jr.

Assistant Chief
Jack Austin Jr

Get to know our Assistant Chief Jack Austin, Jr.

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CNO Reservation Map

Choctaw Nation Reservation

Covering 10,864 square miles, encompassing eight whole counties and parts of five counties in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Tribal Council Building

Tribal Council

Council members are elected by the Choctaw people, one for each of the twelve districts of the Choctaw Nation.

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Tribal Elections

Learn how to vote in Choctaw Nation tribal elections.


Tribal Codes

Codes that govern Choctaw life.

Judicial Center

Judicial Branch

Oversees the Choctaw Nation court system.