State of the Nation 2022

The Choctaw Nation has had another successful year. View Chief Gary Batton's State of the Nation for updates on tribal initiatives, programs and services highlights and Choctaw success stories.

Choctaw Lesson: Where are you from?

Learn Choctaw phrases "Where are you from?" and "My name is ..." in this conversational lesson.

Bear Hunting Permit Instructions

Demonstrates how to electronically report a harvest through Chahta Achvffa for tribal members.


Native November


Native American Heritage Month (Native November)

Join us for unforgettable cultural activities in Choctaw Country during November's Native American Heritage Month.

YAB Quarterly Conference

News Releases

Choctaw Nation Youth Advisory Board Announces Quarterly Meeting

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma's Youth Advisory Board (YAB) Quarterly Conference will be held at Robbers Cave State Park on Saturday, Oct. 8.



Flu Vaccine Clinics

The Community Health Nursing team will be at Choctaw Nation Community Centers and Choctaw Nation Independent Elder Housing during the month of October to give anyone the flu shot.

Chief's Blog

Healthy Aging Month

I enjoyed seeing everyone in person at this year's Labor Day Festival! It was a good opportunity to fellowship and engage in physical activities, which aligns with Healthy Aging Month.

Stories by Choctaw Women book

News Releases

Choctaw Cultural Center Produces First Book

The 200-page paperback, released earlier this month, will be available at the center's Hvshi Gift Store, the Choctaw Store in the Choctaw Nation Headquarters, and in Choctaw Travel Plazas across the Choctaw Reservation.

News Releases

Choctaw Nation Tribal Council Approves FY 2023 Budget

The Choctaw Nation Tribal Council unanimously approved a $2.1 billion comprehensive expense budget for fiscal year 2023 during the Tribal Council session on Sept. 10. The expense budget is a 15 percent increase over 2022. The new fiscal year begins on October 1, 2022.

Irish Connection Sculpture

News Releases

Choctaw Nation, Irish Government Seek Submissions for Sculpture Design

A call for submissions for a work of public art commemorating the Choctaw 1847 donation to aid those during the Irish Potato Famines is now open.

Together were more

Together, we’re more

What does home mean to you?

Tribal members responded to the September question, see what they had to share.

Lesson of the Day

Takkon Vpi – Stick

Learn to say these phrases: "Will that apple tree bear fruit?" and "That tree is bearing a lot of fruit."