Inter-Tribal Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Five Tribes to honor each other’s hunting and fishing licenses through reciprocity agreement

Tribal members and citizens of the Cherokee Nation, Chickasaw Nation, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Muscogee Nation and very soon Seminole Nation can utilize their tribal membership to enjoy hunting and fishing in participating tribes' treaty territories.

Together, We're MoreTWM

We are

But we are more than all of these things. We are Choctaw Proud.

Anyone can be Choctaw Proud. The Choctaw Proud are humble, appreciative people who value faith, family and culture. We honor the past, live in the present and look to the future. We are resilient people, overcoming adversity with grace and dignity. Those who are Choctaw Proud work hard to be successful and give back to their communities.

Kelbie Kennedy


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Living out the Chahta spirit of faith, family and culture.
Chief Gary Batton and Asst. Chief Jack Austin, Jr.
Chief Gary Batton and Asst. Chief Jack Austin, Jr.


To the Choctaw proud, ours is the sovereign nation offering opportunities for growth and prosperity.