2023 Community Cultural Meetings Overview

Assistant Chief Jack Austin Jr. provides an overview of what participants can expect when attending a community cultural meeting.

Together, We're MoreTWM

We are Native

But we are more than all of these things. We are Choctaw Proud.

Anyone can be Choctaw Proud. The Choctaw Proud are humble, appreciative people who value faith, family and culture. We honor the past, live in the present and look to the future. We are resilient people, overcoming adversity with grace and dignity. Those who are Choctaw Proud work hard to be successful and give back to their communities.

Dewayne and Kyra Hornbuckle


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Chahta Achvffa

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Living out the Chahta spirit of faith, family and culture.
Chief Gary Batton and Asst. Chief Jack Austin, Jr.
Chief Gary Batton and Asst. Chief Jack Austin, Jr.


To the Choctaw proud, ours is the sovereign nation offering opportunities for growth and prosperity.


Choctaw Cultural Center Chi Hullo Li Dinner

News Releases

Choctaw Cultural Center Plans First Valentine’s Dinner Experience

The Choctaw Cultural Center is planning another first, a dinner for couples on Valentine's Day. The Choctaw Cultural Center will host the Chi Hullo Li Dinner, Choctaw for "I love you," on Tuesday, Feb. 14 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the center's Champuli Café. The café's staff will be on hand to cook and serve for up to 35 couples.

Choctaw Elders Preserving Culture

Biskinik News

Choctaw Nation works to preserve the stories of its tribal elders

Tribes like the Choctaw Nation recognize the importance of preserving the stories of their elder for future generations and recorded history.

Silversmiths Anthony and Colt James

Biskinik Iti Fabvssa

Makers and Masterpieces: Silversmith work at the Smithsonian

This month will focus on the art of silversmithing and feature a family who works to honor this tradition by passing on their generational knowledge.

Family Medicine Residency Program

Biskinik News

Choctaw Nation Family Medicine Residency program improving Oklahoma healthcare

The Choctaw Nation Family Medicine Residency program (CNFMR), located in Talihina, Oklahoma, has improved Oklahoma's difficulties in recruiting and retaining physicians in rural areas.

Tvshka Homma Community Center Thanksgiving Meal Prep

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CNO Community Centers offer essential services for tribal members and elders

Community centers are a vital resource to the tribal members across the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma reservation area.

Savannah Toon

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Tribal member wins big at Junior World Finals

Choctaw tribal member, Savannah Toon, won the Junior World Finals for Barrel Racing in Las Vegas in December 2022.

Oklahoma national guard troops home for Christmas

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CNO helps bring troops home for Christmas

Thanks in part to help from the Choctaw Nation, members of the 45th Field Artillery Brigade of the Oklahoma National Guard were able to spend time with their families over the Christmas holidays.

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Eating disorders can affect all shapes, sizes and ages

Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder are serious conditions that affect the lives of many Americans and their families every year.

Lesson of the Day

Iksho – Not Here Absent

Learn to say these phrases: "The student is absent." and "The babysitter is not here."