More Than a Leader

Chief Gary Batton believes in working hard to overcome life's obstacles, but he also knows that having support and encouragement are crucial to succeeding in beating those challenges.

Together, We're MoreTWM

We are Native

But we are more than all of these things. We are Choctaw Proud.

Anyone can be Choctaw Proud. The Choctaw Proud are humble, appreciative people who value faith, family and culture. We honor the past, live in the present and look to the future. We are resilient people, overcoming adversity with grace and dignity. Those who are Choctaw Proud work hard to be successful and give back to their communities.

Gary Batton


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Chahta Achvffa

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Living out the Chahta spirit of faith, family and culture.
Chief Gary Batton and Asst. Chief Jack Austin, Jr.
Chief Gary Batton and Asst. Chief Jack Austin, Jr.


To the Choctaw proud, ours is the sovereign nation offering opportunities for growth and prosperity.




Broken Bow Health Clinic Updates

The Choctaw Nation Ruby Choate Health Clinic – Broken Bow is beginning its transformation. The first step is upgrading the phone system which will mean a new main number.

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The Choctaw Nation Police Force renaming ceremony

The Choctaw Nation Police Force has been renamed Lighthorse in honor of the law men that helped enforce the law for a young Choctaw Nation.

Choctaw Nation Headquarters

News Releases

Choctaw Nation Tribal Council Approves Budget for FY 2024

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma revenue for fiscal year 2024 is projected to be nearly 3 percent higher than the prior year, driven primarily by increases in commerce and healthcare.

Chief Gary Batton

Executive Communications

Oklahoman: Choctaw Nation Chief: This is why tribal sovereignty matters

Imagine the U.S. government took your home, but promised to give you other land and protections in exchange. Now, imagine someone came along years later and told you those agreements don't count anymore, because it encroaches on power they want for themselves.

Swearing In Ceremony

News Releases

Choctaw Nation Chief and Tribal Council Members Sworn in to New Term at Annual Labor Day Festival

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma held another successful Labor Day festival where Chief Gary Batton was sworn in for his third consecutive term on Sept. 1 at the historical capitol grounds in Tvshka Homma.


State of the Nation 2023

The Choctaw Nation has had another successful year. View Chief Gary Batton's State of the Nation for updates on tribal initiatives, programs and services highlights and Choctaw success stories.

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The 2023 Choctaw State of the Nation address is here

The State of the Nation is so important to the Choctaw Nation, that I have decided to highlight this year's presentation as my post this week.

foster care

Biskinik News

CNO asks eligible tribal members to consider opening their hearts and homes to foster care

As the number of foster homes decreases in many states, the Choctaw Nation has made recruiting foster families a priority.

Lesson of the Day

Svba/Svbai – With Me

Learn to say these phrases: "Those two women ate with me." and "Susan will be working with me."