Division of Commerce Agriculture


Cattle Ranches

The Choctaw Nation owns and operates six cattle ranches within 36,080 acres in and around Southeastern Oklahoma.  The goals of the ranches are to develop a quality Angus beef herd, improve the land value and operate them in an efficient and effective manner.  The Choctaw Ranches have approximately 2100 head of cattle between all locations.  Listed below are the locations of the cattle ranches:

Daisy (Headquarters) Hugo
Idabel Sawyer
Tom Tushka Homma

For more information, please contact

Steve Swigert, Director of Ranches

[email protected]



Agriculture Outreach

We are Tribal representatives that serve as partners with local communities, governments and institutions to assist Tribal members with their agriculture ventures through:

    Field Days
    On-Farm Research
    Technical Assistance

We promote agriculture opportunities and success for Tribal members by:

  • Increasing opportunities for agriculture enterprises
  • Connecting community members to science based education programs
  • Acting as the liaison between tribal members and local, state and federal programs
  • Fostering youth, family and community agricultural development

For more information contact

Jody House, Agriculture Outreach Manager

Nikki Schuth, Tribal Extension Agent


[email protected]



Pecan Farms

The Choctaw Nation owns and operates over 1,500 acres of Pecan farmland throughout Southeastern Oklahoma. With over 4,300 trees, our crop is expected to yield approximately 150,000 lbs. of pecans per year. The pecan crop is sold on the open market and all proceeds benefit the Choctaw Nation and its tribal services.

For more information contact

Doyle McDaniel, Tree Production Manager

[email protected]



Choctaw Hunting Lodge

Owned and operated by the Choctaw Nation, Choctaw Hunting Lodge is the perfect venue for your next event. 

Located in Blanco, Oklahoma, the lodge is a 12,000 square foot facility.  It sits on 22,000 acres making it perfect for hiking, ATVs and outdoor activities.  In addition to outdoor adventure, the lodge features: 

5 Bedrooms ~ 2 Bunkrooms ~ 7.5 Bathrooms ~ 17 Beds ~ Large Sitting/Living Areas ~ Dining Area for up to 60 ~ Covered Porch with View ~ Home Theatre ~ Free WiFi ~ Abundant Wildlife ~ 8 Acre Lake ~ ATV/Hiking Trails and Fire Pits/BBQ's

For more information contact:

Faye Self at [email protected] or 580-924-8280.

Elaine Thomson at [email protected] or 580-924-8280.



TI Valley Ranch