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Choctaw Homebuyers Advantage Program

  • Available to Choctaw Tribal Members Nationwide. Not all loan products are available in all states. Please give us a  call for your individual state requirements
  • No set income guidelines
  • Applicant must meet credit approval guidelines
  • Applicant receives loan approval from participating mortgage lenders
  • Applicant can receive down payment and closing cost assistance through the Choctaw Home Finance Department with approval from Mortgage lender.
  • Mortgage interest rate is set by the mortgage lender and is comparable to market rates.

Revolving Loan Fund

  • Available to households with a CDIB
  • Home site located within the Choctaw Nation 10 1/2 county servicing area
  • Income limits of 80% of the National Median Income level, can loan up to 100% of the National Median Income with approval from the Home Loan Committee
  • Purchase, Refinance, Rehabilitation, Construction
  • Fixed Interest Rate
  • Maximum 30 Year term
  • 1% - 3% down Payment
  • Credit guidelines must be met

Down Payment/Closing Cost Assistance

  • Available to households with a CDIB
  • 1st lender pre-approval is required
  • A minimum of 1% down payment is required with a maximum of 2% down payment assistance
  • Property located within the 10 1/2 county Choctaw Nation Servicing Area if a partnering lender is not used for the   1st mortgage
  • Credit guidelines must be met

Section 184

  • Available to Choctaw Tribal Memberts
  • No set income guidelines
  • Credit guidelines must be met with pre-approval from participating lender
  • Home site must be located within an Indian Servicing Area
  • Fixed rate 30 year maximum amortization



Leah Williams
Phone: 800-235-3087
Phone: 580-326-7521 ex. 6313

Assistant Director of Loan Services

Pam Bundy
Phone: 580-326-7521 ex. 6315
Fax: 580-326-7641

Assistant Director Home Finance Operations

Bessie Carroll
Phone: 580-326-7521 ex. 6316
Fax: 580-326-7641

Loan Officer

Dama McLemore
Phone: 580-326-7521 ex. 6320
Fax: 580-326-7641

Loan Officer

David Caudle
Phone: 580-326-7521 ex. 6317
Fax: 580-326-7641

Loan Officer

Whitney Noel
Phone: 580-326-7521 ex. 6337
Fax: 580-326-7641