Notice of Interpretation Services

The Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority’s mission is to “Provide the highest quality health care to the people we serve”. We believe that improving access to medical services and improving communications and understandings between patients and staff are an integral part of ensuring quality health care.

Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority (CNHSA) will make every effort to address patient communication needs including preferred language for discussing health care matters. If the patient is a minor, is incapacitated, or has a designated advocate, the communication needs of the patient or legal guardian, surrogate decision-maker, or legally authorized representative is documented in the medical record.

Communication is provided through interpreter and translation services for our hard of hearing, deaf, and non-English speaking patients or patient’s with limited English proficiency. This service will be provided by CNHSA at no cost to the patient, nor will the service be a billable service. Patients will be informed of this service (in the Choctaw, English and Spanish Languages) at the registration areas or first point of contact. Other languages are available upon request.

Chahta Na hollo imanumpa ish anumpuli keyu hok mvt. Anumpa tosholi ish asilhha hok ma, pilla ho, chi i tosholi ahinla. Haponaklo keyu, micha, chi nishkin ik achukmo hok mvt, ish anoli hok ma, chim i tosholi ahinla.

English If you do not speak English, or if you are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf/ blind, you can have interpretation services provided for you at no charge. Tell the person helping you that you need an interpreter.

Spanish Si Ud. no habla ingles, o si es sordo, tiene dificultad para oír, o es sordo/ ciego, se le podrán proporcionar servicios de interpretación sin costo. Dígale a la persona que le este ayudando que necesita un intérprete.