The deadline to apply for a Hunting and Fishing License is October 15

The Choctaw Nation and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation signed an extension to the Hunting and Fishing Compact through December 31, 2021.

Choctaw tribal members who held a Choctaw Hunting and Fishing license in 2020 and still meet the compact requirements will have their license automatically renewed for 2021. The State Department of Wildlife Conservation will begin processing these auto-renewals and any new tribal member applications for 2021. The hunting and fishing license will be available on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife website,, to be printed or downloaded as needed.

For further assistance, please call 580-634-0654 or email [email protected].


Youth hunting license available for 8-15 years of age; under 16 don’t have to have a fishing license.

Choctaw tribal members (16 and older) who are interested in a 2021 state hunting and fishing license, but did not have a license in 2020, are encouraged to apply via the online member portal, Chahta Achvffa (

View or Print your License

Go to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife website,, to print or download your license.

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