Tribal Membership and CDIB

Facilitates the Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) application process between individuals and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and assists in establishing tribal membership.


  • CDIB: Able to connect as a direct descendant to someone who is enrolled on the final Choctaw Dawes Rolls with a roll number and blood degree (BIA requirements)
    • CDIB application
    • Original state full form birth certificate
    • Additional information may be required to determined lineage connection
  • Tribal Membership: Approved CDIB showing a Choctaw blood degree.
    • Tribal membership application
    • Requirement for optional photo ID membership card (age 14 and older):
      • Passport style photo
      • Secondary valid identification
    • Sworn statement affidavit, signed by Native American parent(s) and notarized
    • Copy of social security card

How to Apply

CDIB application and required documents, along with the original forms will only be accepted by mail or delivered in-person. Tribal Membership applications can be mailed, delivered in-person, faxed or emailed.

CDIB/Tribal Membership
PO Box 1210
Durant, OK 74702
Fax: 580-920-7001

Additional Information

First time CDIB applicants can submit a tribal membership application at the same time and will be processed following the BIA approval of a CDIB.


Each state issues their own style of birth certificate determined by date of birth and date of issuance. The general rule is to obtain the state issued certificate from the state vital records office from the state capital, that includes the state file number signed by the state registrar. If your state has an option for long form, full form, book copy, or flat form please obtain that copy. Once your original document is reviewed, at that time we can determine if it is correct.

Do not apply online. Please obtain the paper application to help ensure the correct form is obtained.

The CDIB/Membership is a card that combines the Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB), Membership, and Photo ID (if photo is submitted) into one card.

To be issued a CDIB/Membership card, members and new applicants must be verified. This means that all correct birth and death certificates, as well as any additional required documents in an individual’s lineage back to and including the Dawes enrollee, must be on file.

A copy of at least one additional form of photo identification is needed to prove identity. Accepted forms of identification are:

  • current state issued driver’s license
  • state issued ID card
  • passport
  • military ID
  • employee photo ID or school issued photo ID.

Please submit a passport style, head and shoulders only, color photo with a solid white background. No glasses or hats. A fax or copy of a photo will not be accepted. Only photos mailed, emailed or submitted in person with the application will be accepted. If a photo is not supplied, members will be issued a CDIB/Membership card without a photo.

Please refer to this webpage for photo requirements.

Children under 14 years of age will be issued a CDIB/Membership card without a photo. Children 14 and older will be eligible to receive a CDIB/Membership card with Photo ID.

The CDIB/Membership card does not expire. The photo included on the card will expire five years from the date of issue.

One replacement card will be issued during the five-year expiration period.

Please submit a CDIB/Membership application with updated information and a new card will be issued.

In cases of legal name change and/or adoption, please submit a CDIB/Membership application along with court documents and the original birth certificate in the new name. If name change is due to marriage, please submit a copy of your updated ID, updated social security card, or a copy of marriage license.

Contact Information



CNO Headquarters

Choctaw Nation Headquarters
1802 Chukka Hina
Durant, OK 74701
Fax: 580-920-7001