Legal Services

Member Legal Assistance

Prepares legal documents for filing to those who cannot otherwise afford legal assistance within the courts of the Choctaw Nation or the State of Oklahoma.


  • Must be a Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal member
    • CNO will not provide legal assistance to non-members on behalf of a member (ex. A non-tribal grandparent on behalf of a member child)
  • Intended for tribal members who cannot otherwise afford legal assistance
  • Only accepts cases to be filed in Choctaw Nation or Oklahoma District Courts
  • Assistance can only be provided for uncontested cases
  • Tribal members are responsible for paying any filing fees and other fees associated with their cases

How to Apply

Complete the application; an eligibility determination will be made for applicants to receive any assistance. Completion of the application does not guarantee legal assistance.

Additional Information

Prepares legal documents for those who cannot afford legal assistance. Member Legal Assistance does not attend court dates or provide any additional legal services. Only Choctaw Nation attorneys within the program may give legal advice or assistance to individual tribal members.

  • Document Preparation Assistance
  • Uncontested Divorce Petition/Response
  • Uncontested Guardianships
  • Uncontested Child Custody
  • Uncontested Child custody Modifications
  • Uncontested Grandparent Visitation
  • Name Change