(800) 349-7026

Choctaw Nation Audiology is a full service office equipped to provide all services for hearing problems. Audiology provides hearing screenings and hearing aid services- fitting, adjustment, cleaning and repair.

In the event a hearing loss is detected the EDH program may be utilized to purchase hearing aids. New hearing aids may be dispensed every three years as needed. If you are not Choctaw and do not qualify for the EDH program, please contact your Tribal Headquarters office to see if medical device assistance is available. For more information on the EDH program please see listing under “Eyeglasses, Dentures, and Hearing Aid Program (EDH)” or call (800) 349-7026.

Hearing aids are ordered according to patient’s hearing needs and are top-of-the-line devices to bring you the highest standards in hearing aid technology. Our goal is to make the patient as comfortable and satisfied as possible. We custom fit every hearing aid in our office and provide programming, cleaning, and repair service.

Pediatric screenings are available for patients 12 and under upon referral from a Choctaw Nation Health Services provider.