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stickballThe proud and noble people of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma have a shared history that stretches back hundreds of years before the first Europeans set foot in North America. Orginally a tribe of farmers who lived in the area that is now the southeastern United States, most of the Choctaw people were forcibly removed from their lands in 1830 by the federal government and moved to southeastern Oklahoma. The long walk, in which many perished along the way, became known as the Trail of Tears, and was a trying time for the Tribe. 

Eventually the Choctaw Nation was able to overcome this adversity and have since grown to over 200,000 members worldwide, becoming the third largest federally recognized tribe in the United States. Under the leadership of Chief Gary Batton, Assistant Chief Jack Austin, Jr., and the Choctaw Nation Tribal Council the modern day Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has dedicated itself to growth through many business enterprises that have allowed the Tribal Government to work to improve the lives of all Choctaw Nation Tribal Members across the globe.

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The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is growing to meet the needs of its over 200,000 Tribal Members by dedicating itself to growth in many different businesses like Gaming, Housing, Health Services, Defense Manufactoring, and Social Services. And as the Choctaw Nation grows, it is looking for hard working and dedicated people like you.

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