Choctaw Nation Family Medicine Residency Program Specifics

Program Block Schedule:

Our residency program block schedule is tailored to satisfy ACGME requirements for training family medicine physicians. We feel that our curriculum offers well-rounded and balanced training sufficient to allow our graduates to practice full-spectrum family medicine as well as offer them sufficient time to pursue special interests via elective rotations. 

Residency Block Schedule


Call specifics:

Call coverage is an essential part of training.  Handled correctly, call coverage can provide an excellent opportunity for education, promoting a sense of independence while providing a service to the training institution.  Call coverage at Choctaw Nation Family Medicine Residency (CNFMR) will be managed in a way that has made an optimal educational experience without negatively impacting the physical and mental well-being of our trainees a priority. Our program continues to proudly adhere to ACGME guidelines regarding duty hours. Our residents take inpatient medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics call on-site. The call frequency averages once every ten days with approximately one weekend call per month. We provide a comfortable call room for residents at all times. Each is equipped with a computer with high-speed internet, telephone, small refrigerator, full shower, television and is fully stocked with food and beverages.

Sample Call Schedule


Competitive Salary and Benefits Package

  • PGY 1: $60,000 annually
  • PGY 2: $62,500 annually
  • PGY 3: $65,000 annually

Paid Leave:

  • Annual Leave / Sick Leave / Study Time
  • 160 hours - Equivalent to 4 weeks (subject to leave policy rules)

Educational Stipend:

  • $2,000.


  • Family Medical Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Visual Insurance
  • Professional Liability insurance (as resident only)


  • Resident family housing available on campus at reduced rent
  • Accommodations provided for off-site rotations
  • Off-site stipend of $500.00/month while on required off-site rotations

Paid Dues and Fees:

  • ACOFP, AOA, AAFP Resident Memberships
  • Board examination fees and associated expenses
  • Oklahoma training licensure
  • DEA and OBNDD Fees
  • COMLEX Part 3 fees for PGY 1 Residents and associated expenses

Additional Benefits:

  • Free cafeteria meals while on-site
  • Food and snacks in resident call room
  • 2 custom lab coats ordered by the program
  • Expansive medical library resources including availability of electronic resources (UpToDate, etc.)
  • Moonlighting opportunities (at program director’s discretion)
  • New laptop computer (PGY1)
  • Parking privileges
  • Free employee fitness center
  • Retirement benefits after one year with system
  • TrueLearn membership for PGY-1 provided by our sponsoring institution



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Talihina, Oklahoma 74571
(918) 567-7000 x 6037
(800) 349-7026
FAX (918) 567-4430