Family Medicine Residency Clinic

Published September 28, 2022

Explore what the Choctaw Nation Family Medicine Residency Clinic has to offer. Located in Talihina, Oklahoma, the program offers a wide variety of training, housing, and other perks.

Family medicine is the cornerstone of medical practice, so the Choctaw Nation Family Medicine Residency Program is broad in scope and designed to develop a family physician who cares for the whole person and their family.

Continuous and comprehensive care is an essential, longitudinal component of the program’s educational experiences. Residents are trained to provide evidence-based, acute, chronic and preventative medical care in any setting, including the hospital, outpatient residency clinic and long-term care facilities. Residents are also expected to maintain a continuing physician-patient relationship through all stages of life and phases of care.

Rotations are specifically designed to provide a broad base of patient care experiences with increasing levels of complexity and patient care responsibility. Some rotations involve critical care and other specialties not available on-site within the CNHSA. For these rotations, resident physicians are trained at a tertiary care training hospital facility with an affiliation agreement with our program.