Together were more

How do you prepare for the school year?

Together, we're more.

Published August 1, 2022

At the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, we pride ourselves on preserving and celebrating our many unique traditions. Together, we celebrate and honor the rich traditions passed down to us from our ancestors.

We pray over student and class placements; we clean out and reorganize important areas of our home in order to run smoothly during the school year; we go through clothes and shoes to determine needs and shop early sales according to what’s needed. Fresh haircuts for the boys; girls will do a special nail date; begin switching our sleep schedules, and we always start the first day with a special donut date!
Christina Kay

I am a teacher. This is year 17! I prepare by asking friends and family to help me with my Amazon wish list. This helps me so much in my classroom. I also go to the Choctaw doctors and dentist before school starts. Thank you so much!
Mandy Hall

I depend on my phone calendar to keep me on track with my daughter’s schedule. Between softball and cheerleading, and she is a District Princess. She buys all her school needs when she receives her JOM and student activity card.
Jennifer Fox-Davidson

Prepare? Since I’m a single father. I wait until at least one or two days before schools starts to do our shopping. I work best under pressure and under a time crunch. I do however add the district schedule to my phone calendar as soon as I get it, so hopefully, I don’t forget any important events. #TogetherWereMore
Keith Gammel Jr.

Pray for the students and kids and the parents and bus drivers and cafeteria staff, the library staff, the maintenance crew. I pray for God’s will to be done and give them strength as they make new relationships to be use for the glory of God. That is how I am preparing for the new school year.
Ursula Stephens

Thanks to CNO Adult Ed helping me obtain my HiSET. I’m now a first-time college student! I’m getting organized, creating a quiet place to study and making a schedule that will be productive and still allow for some free time. I’m a new “freshman” as my granddaughters are going into Head Start — fifth and third grade. It’s going to be a great year!
Monica Brooks

I am so thankful for the School Activity Fund. When I was a girl, the Tribe didn’t have programs like they do now. It’s such a blessing. My daughter is starting 9th grade at our local magnet advanced tech high school. She’s also a Choctaw STAR!
Amanda Nuchols

Thank you to the Choctaw Nation for the school student & activity fund, we are able to have school supplies and new shoes for our boys. We also set up a meeting with our Indian education program and set up the STAR program within the first two weeks of school. It rewards our sons for excelling and doing well in school. We are spending our last couple weeks together before the new school year starts.
Moe Erfourth

I pray that all the precious children and teachers stay safe.
Tonya Barry

No need to now. But as a student, I registered for classes; as a teacher I readied my classroom; and as a parent I bought school clothes and supplies. And as always prayed for a good year.
Billie Karstetter

We have done dentist and doctor visits over the summer break, so he will miss less classroom time, as well as a recent physical for sports. He is back on an early rise schedule. And we’ve shopped early for clothes and shoes. Also, a recent haircut to start the school year off right next week. And a huge thank you to the Choctaw Nation for all your help. Prayers for the success of all Choctaw students. Faith, Family and Culture. Together We’re More!
Karen Jennings

As a pro student, you should get your books and read the first chapter before the first class. Dress nice and stay clean and well groomed. Visit with all your instructors at the beginning of the semester. You can either go up to them after class or call or email them to make an appointment. Just to meet them and break the ice. It really helps.
Chris Neuok

As the parent of two university students, the first thing on my list is to give thanks for their scholarships! We also try to finish the million projects we put on a list back in May when “back to school” felt like forever away. Since some classes are taught online now, we also make sure to have enough “offices” for everyone to attend online classes from. Good luck everyone!
Toni Welch-Hiner

To start a new school year, I pray for everyone involved in education and their families.
Linda Sherwood Dick

As a university student, I spend my summer looking up important dates and deadlines for the upcoming fall semester and putting them on my calendar. I also email all my professors and get a copy of their syllabi so I am as ready as I can be when the semester begins.
Angela Roberts

As a teacher, I set goals for what I hope my students get out of my class this year. I then ask myself what I need to do to set my students up to successfully meet that goal. This year my biggest goals are:
1. Create a learning environment where my students feel comfortable enough to make mistakes. Often the pressure of wanting to succeed holds kids back from really participating in education.
2. Build relationships so my students know they can always communicate how they are feeling and what they need. So many behavior issues are connected to simple issues.

Kailey Shea Knott

April Jarnagin

Prayers, lots of prayers.
Donna Green

Jimmy Jeter

As a teacher in Durant, I am so grateful for your continued support of our kids. I prepare with an open heart and mind so each of them gets a fresh start, and I always hope to help them realize their potential and importance and what an impact they can try to make in this world of ours. I always talk about how much y’all do for us and others in our area. It takes a team! Thank you.
Mindy Davis