About Choctaw Language

Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna
School of Choctaw Language
Director, Phillip Lewis


School of Choctaw Language, Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna, was established to promote and preserve the language, history, and culture of the Chahta people. The Language Program has grown from offering one class via satellite at the University of Oklahoma in 1998, to currently employing 21 teachers and serving approximately 3,000 people per week through the website, community classes, public schools, colleges, online Internet classes, early childhood, and elementary classes.

Our website www.choctawschool.com serves as a language database connection to provide information about our school and the various opportunities available to learn Chahta language and culture. Curriculum on the website include vocabulary words, simple phrases, chapter lessons and evaluations to engage language learners. MP3 sound clips, PowerPoint formatted lessons, and PDF files are accessible to allow the user to download the lessons to their personal files so they can learn at their own pace. The website also features Chahta hymns, stories from elders and Chahta history articles. Also, featured on the website is a word search to help you search for Chahta words and phrases.

Chahta language is taught by distance learning which allows the language instructor and students to interact in real-time. Currently, an estimated 1200 students are taught Choctaw language on a daily basis through the 14 Head Start centers, and 40 Oklahoma public high schools that are served within the boundaries of the Choctaw Nation. If you have children or grandchildren attending one of the 40 High Schools in the Chahta Nation, they will have an opportunity to take the Chahta Language classes. Please check with your school about the offering of Chahta in your district.

Choctaw language is offered to college students enrolled at Carl Albert State College, and Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant.

A special feature of the Chahta Language Department is our on-line classes. The Language Department offer these classes to any Chahta all over the world. Please refer to our website to obtain more information about this wonderful opportunity to learn the Chahta language.

Another avenue to learn Chahta language is through community classes. At this time, 30 sites are available for learners to attend a classroom-style setting to learn the language. The location of these sites are both within the Chahta Nation boundaries, as well as outside the boundaries. Community classes are free of charge and are available to the general public. Please visit our website to view the locations and instructors for the community classes.

The heart of a nation rests in its language. It is through this unique language gifted to us by our Creator that we communicate with Him. From this Chahta Anumpa, Choctaw Language, our very sovereignty is derived through our government of laws, and deep-rooted culture and history.

Historian, Curtis Billy states, “The language sets us apart from other tribes; we don’t want to lose our unique sounds and our emphasis. We want to be good stewards of our language to pass on to the next generation. The language is used to pass on our traditions and oral stories.”

For more information about the School of Choctaw Language please go to www.choctawschool.com or call toll free 1-800-522-6170.