Choctaw Language Nest

Choctaw Language Nest

Would you love to hear the Choctaw Language alive and well in your home? It’s not too late!

You and your family are invited to join in a multi-generational effort to save our ancestral language. Every family counts, and together we can create a new community of Choctaw speakers to breathe new life into our Chahta Anumpa.

The survival of an entire language and all the history and culture it encompasses can depend on the actions of just a few families. Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna, the School of Choctaw Language, understands the extreme importance of Choctaw families to the health and strength of the Choctaw Language. As a community of families, we can successfully fight to revive Chahta Anumpa. In doing so, we serve together to protect our culture and defend our tribal sovereignty.

Families who commit to the Choctaw Language Nest program will receive the training, support, practice, and encouragement they need to become successful Choctaw speakers. Working side-by-side with each other and the School of Choctaw Language, Language Nest families will learn the Choctaw Language by:

  • Engaging in face-to-face and virtual language activities and instruction
  • Interacting with fluent Choctaw speakers and mentors
  • Participating in fun, family-oriented gatherings with other Language Nest families

For more information visit or call 800-522-6170.

*The first cohort of families will begin in District 1 and 2