Choctaw Sashes

Item's Choctaw Name:  Isht Vskufvchi

Item's English Name:  Baldrick

Age:  early 1900s?

Material: red and brown cloth, seed beads, thread.

Dimensions: length = 119.5cm, width = 7.8cm

Origin: collected Scott / Neshoba Co, Ms, 1908

Current Owner:  National Museum of the American Indian, #018868.000,  #018869.000,

Location: Smithsonian Cultural Resource Center

Notes: Sashes like this were worn by Choctaw male leaders.  The higher the rank, the more sashes were worn.  Althought hey draw upon an ancient Indigenous traditiona of making belts and sashes decorated with beads, they may also be influence by the bandoliers of the British "Red Coats".