Green McCurtain

Green McCurtain 1896 -1900

When Green McCurtain took office in October 1902, he served until his death o­n December 28, 1910. In the election of 1902, Thomas Hunter of Hugo, was McCurtain?s opponent. In October 1902 before the votes were canvassed the U.S. Government had to send in soldiers to Tushka Homma to keep peace. Gilbert W. Dukes was a friend of Tom Hunter and the morning o­n which the votes were to be canvassed he walked into the Choctaw Capitol with Tom Hunter and outgoing Chief, turned over everything to Hunter as his successor. Major Hackett, U. S. Marshal, who was a friend of Gilbert Dukes and Tom Hunter, took possession of the capitol and grounds, with Tom Hunter as Chief, and proceeded to organize a council; the followers of McCurtain being barred from the building. Indian Agent Shoenfelt was o­n the ground and attempted to settle the difficulty but it was impossible because the U. S. Marshal representing the Judicial Department was in charge. Therefore, agent Shoenfelt sent a message to the War Department at Washington for troops. The order went to Fort Sill for soldiers to go to Tushka Homma. Saturday about noon, which was the last day provided by Constitution to canvass the votes, the U. S. Soldiers composed of 200 Negroes with white officers, came in, marched to the capitol, and after the commander consulted for o­ne hour with the U. S. Marshal and the Agent, he took charge of the building, disarming all occupants of the building and instructing them to tend to any business necessary.

The members of the two factions then entered into fistfights in which the command took no side, while the votes were being canvassed. It was dark when the canvassing was completed and Green McCurtain was declared elected as Principal Chief of Choctaw Nation. Peter J. Hudson was an interpreter for Green McCurtain?s faction and witnessed and took part in the trouble.

In 1904 another election was held with Green McCurtain and Thomas Hunter as Candidates and Green McCurtain was re-elected. He served until October 1906. In August 1906 Wesley Anderson of Tushka Homma was Elected Principal Chief but was not confirmed from the fact the tribal government was supposed to have expired March 4, 1906. It was said of him that he was ?first an Indian and then a Democrat but there came a time when he believed the Democratic delegation in Congress was unfriendly to his people and he became and died a Republican.? He had no opponent, so Green McCurtain was the last elected Chief, and continued to serve until his death. Greenwood McCurtain, a staunch Baptist, passed away o­n December 28, 1910.