Coleman Cole

Coleman Cole 1874 - 1878

Coleman Cole, son of Robert Cole and Sallie, his full blood Choctaw wife, was born in Mississippi about 1800. He attended School at Elliott Mission in Mayhew, Mississippi and later at Georgetown, Kentucky. After his school days were behind him he returned to Mississippi and fought to establish a permanent home there rather than be a part of the Trail of Tears. However, he was destined to become a party of later removed Choctaws when their bid for lands in Mississippi was turned down. The final inducement was a cash payment to the remaining Choctaws to ensure their removal to Indian Territory. He was finally persuaded to join this later group. He settled o­n lands some twenty miles northeast of Antlers. His first wife and two children died before he left Mississippi.

Coleman and his second wife Abbie had two children who died early in life. Coleman Cole was elected Chief of the Choctaws in August of 1874. He served in that capacity until October 1878. Upon conclusion of his tenure as Chief he established a home o­n the Kiamichi River near Stanley in Pushmataha County. He passed away in the autumn of 1886 and was buried in an unmarked grave near his home.