Samuel Garland

Samuel Garland 1862 - 1864

Samuel Garland, son of John Garland, was born in Jasper County, Mississippi in December 1803. After receiving his education at the Choctaw Academy in Kentucky he returned to Mississippi and married Mary, daughter of Major John Pitchlynn and Sophia Folsom. Mary was a younger sister of Peter P. Pitchlynn. Upon the death of his father-in-law, John Pitchlynn, Samuel Garland brought his family to Indian Territory and settled at Tom in McCurtain County. He erected a palatial southern home o­n 600 acres of Red River bottomland.

Although he had o­nly a minor interest in tribal affairs he was an ardent admirer of Peter P. Pitchlynn, his brother-in-law, and supported Peter's efforts o­n the Net Proceeds Treaty.

Chief Garland passed away at his home May 20, 1870, and was buried in the family burial plot o­n his plantation.