George Hudson

George Hudson 1860 - 1862

Little is known of some of the former Chiefs of the Choctaw Nation. George Hudson, the First principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation under the Doaksville Constitution, was born in Mississippi in 1808. Nothing is known of his father, a white man. His mother, a full blood Choctaw, appears o­n the 1831 Rolls as Widow Hudson.

The Hudson family departed from Mississippi for Indian Territory with the first removal party. George's mother passed away enroute, o­ne of the many who did not survive the long, sad journey of the Trail of Tears. George settled o­n lands about a mile west of Eagletown and became a farmer. This part of Indian Territory remained his home until his death.

Although he had very few educational advantages, he practiced law before the tribal courts, served as a member of the Choctaw Council, and served as presiding officer at the Constitutional Convention at Doaksville in 1860. In October 1860, George Hudson was elected Chief of the Choctaws and served until October 1862. After his attempt and failure to succeed himself as Chief he retired to his home o­n Mountain Fork River. Information from Thumbnail Sketches of Choctaw Chiefs, compiled by Mary C. Park.