Voter Registration

Until 1971, Choctaws were not allowed to elect their own tribal leaders.  Chiefs were appointed by the President of the United States.  After the ratification of the Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act, Choctaws were allowed to have their own tribal Constitution to govern these matters.  With this came the responsibility and privilege of voting.

Our initiative is to increase voter participation and promote election process transparency.  To align with our goals, we strive to maintain accurate voter records for all eligible members in preparation for Tribal Elections and maintain communication with voters through a dedicated staff.  It is our intent to provide every opportunity for our Tribal Members to vote and have a voice in the Choctaw Nation.


Voter Education and Resources


We appreciate the large response to our request to update your information and we are diligently processing forms.  Please be aware that we will be mailing certificates to all updated voters detailing your voter information at the end of summer 2016.  Each time you update, you will be mailed a new certificate with changes.  You are welcome to keep the certificate for your records.