Student School and Activity Fund (SSAF)

The Student School & Activity Fund (SSAF) offers an annual $100 grant to purchase school supplies and clothing for Choctaw students possessing a tribal membership card.

Students must be enrolled at an accredited school or daycare in order to receive funds. If you received the COVID-19 Student Assistance Program, you will not be able to apply for Student School and Activity Fund until July 1, 2021. Home school students are eligible to receive the grant. Students must be at least 3 years old at the time an application is submitted. High school seniors cannot apply after their graduation date. If your high school student is 19 or older at the time of application submission, please mail a paper application and attach a document verifying that your student is still enrolled in high school.

Students qualifying for the grant will receive a $100 pre-paid Visa card. If you need assistance or have questions in regards to your student’s Visa card, please contact the SSAF program.

The Student School and Activity Fund application is now available through the Chahta Achvffa Member Portal. If you applied for your dependent's Student School and Activity Fund last year on the Member Portal, simply log in with the email you previously used to create your Member Portal account. If you are having trouble remembering your password, the "Forgot Password" tool will guide you through setting up a new password.

To assist with streamlining the application process, we encourage our Member Portal users to login prior to July 1. This will allow you to verify and update all information for you and your dependent(s). This will help prevent delays in submitting the Student School and Activity Fund application.

To apply on the Member Portal click the button below

Chahta Achvffa Link

For more information about the Chahta Achvffa Member Portal click HERE.

For a printable application, click HERE.

Card Activation Link  (or call  800-486-0292 and follow the automated prompts to activate)


Student School & Activity Fund FAQ

Who can apply?
Students that are Choctaw tribal members and attend school are eligible for the $100 grant. Students attending a day care, head start, or home school are also eligible. High school students do not qualify after graduation. 

Is there an age requirement?
Students must be at least 3 years old at the time of application. High school seniors over the age of 18 at the time of application must submit a paper application and must provide evidence verifying school enrollment (report card, school schedule, or letter from the school, etc.).

Do I need to send a copy of my student’s tribal membership or social security card?
No. The SSAF Program will verify each student’s membership status. 

How can I return my paper application?
You may return the application in the mail, by fax, or by email. Please use one of the following to submit your application. Please be aware that processing time for the paper application could potentially be 2-4 weeks longer than processing through our member portal.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, SSAF
1802 Chukka Hina 
Durant, OK 74701
Fax: (580) 920-3199
[SSAF Email]

Where can I use the $100 pre-paid Visa card?
You may only use the card at retailers that sell clothing. The card cannot be used at gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. If the grant funds are not used prior to the printed expiration on your card, the grant funds will revert back to the Choctaw Nation.

What should I do if my child’s card is stolen or lost?
Please call (800) 522-6170 during normal business hours to report your incident. If calling after hours or on the weekend, please contact Convenient Cards at (800) 486-0292.

For information about our services, please contact us at Phone: (800) 522-6170 ext. 2463 or 2175