Tribal Transit

Transportation Services (Tribal Transit)

Offering patients transportation to non-emergency medical appointments at Choctaw Nation health clinics as well as specialized clinics outside of CNHSA.


  • CNHSA Eligibility Guidelines
  • Must reside within the Choctaw Nation service area
  • Must be 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
  • Parents transporting children under 5 years of age must provide a child safety or booster seat
  • Advance notice of 5 business days before the scheduled appointment (Monday - Friday)
  • Considered on a first come, first served basis (priority to elders, patients receiving dialysis and/or chemotherapy)
  • Due to scheduling and limited drivers, Tribal Transit may be unable to accommodate all continuous appointments such as chemo or dialysis
  • When calling Tribal Transit, please be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Date of Birth
    • Current Medicaid ID number
    • Time and date of medical appointment
    • Health care facility name, address, and phone number you will be visiting
    • Special needs requests such as wheel-chair lifts, etc.
    • Attendant or caregiver traveling with patient (drivers may not serve as attendants/caregivers)

    How to Apply

    Contact the dispatcher's office.

    Transportation Services
    Text: 580-775-4293

    Fax: 580-317-8713

    Additional Information

    • Drivers will call clients the day before their appointment(s) between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to confirm their pick-up time. Clients who are unable to be contacted or who have not checked in with the dispatcher may not be picked up.
    • Please allow 15 minutes prior to and after your scheduled pick-up time for your driver to arrive. The driver will wait at the client’s designated pick-up area for five minutes before continuing with route/ trip.
    • Patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be transported.
    • Neither profanity nor harassment of drivers and/or other passengers will be tolerated.
    • The bus will remain at the health facility until the last rider has finished their appointment(s).
    • Wheelchair accessible vans/ buses are available.
    • If a caregiver is required, it is the responsibility of the rider to bring one. Drivers will assist when possible but may not be able to stay with the rider throughout the appointment. Patients having day surgery will need an attendant (family or friend).
    • Attendants (parent, guardian, counselor, or nurse) must be provided by facilities for clients residing in nursing homes, women’s shelters and/or juvenile shelters.
    • Assistance is available for patients requesting SoonerRide for Medicaid or SoonerCare clients.