Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Treating those with delays in speech, language, stuttering, voice, attention, memory and problem solving disorders for all ages.


  • CNHSA Eligibility Guidelines
  • CDIB, letter of descendancy or tribal membership card from a federally recognized tribe
  • Stepchildren or adopted children of a CDIB holder are eligible

How to Apply

To schedule an appointment, call 918-567-7000 or 800-349-7026.

Additional Information

A speech-language pathologist is a therapist with training in the diagnosis and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders for both children and adults. Speech therapy treatment helps individuals express their thoughts and promotes a better quality of life.


Durant Regional Medical Center

Durant Regional Medical Center


Health Clinic - Hugo

Hugo Health Clinic


Health Clinic - Idabel

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Talihina Health Care Center

Talihina Health Care Center