Office of Environmental Health (Sanitation Facilities Construction)

A program to provide sanitation facilities, including water and wastewater facilities.


  • Home must be a primary residence and located within the Choctaw Nation service area
  • Copy of front and back of CDIB and tribal membership card
  • An environmental review is required, which can take at least 40 days for approval.
  • Copy of filed Warranty Deed or Quit Claim Deed for proof of ownership; abstracts are not acceptable.
  • If property is a lease property, the landowner must possess and provide a copy of their CDIB card and a copy of the Property Deed. In addition, a notarized lease (five-year minimum) must be filed at the courthouse and a copy provided with application. Lease must contain the legal description, a commencement date and be signed by the lessor and lessee.
  • Cannot serve a Mutual Help (Indian) Home if payments are currently being made on the home to the Choctaw Nation Housing Authority.
  • Applicants are responsible for the regular maintenance and care of the facilities installed at the site. This program has a one-year warranty on all work completed. Negligence on the homeowner's part voids all warranties, and thereby the Choctaw Nation OEH is not required to repair services at the site. Any problem past the one-year warranty is the sole responsibility of the participant.
  • All participant homes being considered for services must have an assessed value of at least $2,000.

How to Apply

Send completed applications via mail, fax, or email.

Additional Information

Funding for this program is provided through the U.S. Indian Health Service; therefore, their qualification guidelines must be met. These funds are to be used for items such as: water wells, septic tanks, drain fields, community water, or community sewer connections.

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