Mutual Help Management Services (HMS)

Offering 3 or 4-bedroom brick homes built on one acre of land.


  • CDIB and tribal membership card for head of household or spouse
  • Must be within income guidelines for family size
  • Verify income for all family members of the household age 18 and over
  • Employer must complete all employment verifications
  • Copy of award letter for SSI, AFDC, retirement income, etc.
  • All household members 18 and over must sign authorization of release of information/privacy act notice; includes criminal background checks.
  • Copy of SSN cards for all household occupants
  • The Declaration of Section 214 Status must be completed and signed by each household member or a parent/guardian.
  • Tax returns if self employed

How to Apply

Submit application and all documents to the Homeowners Management Department via mail or email.

Homeowners Management Department (HMS)
PO Box G

Fax: 580-326-8165

Additional Information

The Mutual Help Management Services (HMS) program bases tenant house payments on 15% of their adjusted gross income. HMS no longer builds new Mutual Help homes but still provides opportunities for tribal members to participate in the Mutual Help program by applying to be added to the waiting list for homes received back in inventory.

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Housing Authority

Housing Authority
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