Elder Advocacy

Elder Advocacy

Provides community outreach, advocacy, training, preparation and other support services.


  • Must reside within the Choctaw Nation service area
  • Be a member of a federally recognized tribe
  • Be an elder aged 55 or older or a vulnerable adult; or any person aged 18 or older with a physical or mental disability that impairs their ability to provide adequate self-care

How to Apply

For a list of signs of abuse or more information on the program please contact Elder Advocacy.

Additional Information

The program provides community outreach, advocacy, training, preparation and distribution of information and joint intervention with Oklahoma Adult Protective Services. These services include court systems advocacy, intervention services and other support services. Funding is made available through a grant with the Oklahoma District Attorney’s Council – VOCA Grant (Grant Number: 2021-VOCA-CHOCTAWNATION-116).