Programs and Services

All of the services provided by the Choctaw Nation have been carefully designed to ensure that each member of the tribe can look forward to a bright, prosperous future. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is honored to present this extensive list of the programs and services available to the Chahta people.

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Agriculture Demonstration Centers

Provides hands-on workshops, trials and demonstrations to showcase gardening trends for tribal members and communities to be more sustainable, grow their own vegetables and to support a healthier lifestyle.

Forestry Program

Dedicated to the forest resources of the Choctaw people, as well as management of tribal and individual allotted lands wherever services are needed.

Invasive Species Program

Assists residents within the Choctaw Nation service area with the control and removal of feral swine problems.

Land Management Program

Assists Choctaw landowners with conservation practices, workshops that identify financial assistance, cost-share programs, and education.

Land Title and Records

Receives, examines and records all documents affecting title to trust and restricted lands of the Five Civilized Tribes within the Choctaw Nation jurisdiction.

Real Estate Appraisals

Provides appraisals within the Choctaw Nation service area.

Real Property Management

Responsible for the utilization, development and protection of trust and restricted lands for individuals as well as the tribe.