Together were more

What doors will you open this year?

Together, we're more.

Published January 20, 2022

I was able to complete my master’s degree in Educational Leadership, thanks large in part to the generous help of the Choctaw Nation Higher Education Program. I am excited to see what doors this will open for me in the future. Right now, I am a happy classroom teacher! #TogetherWeAreMore
Robyn Gillham

Through the generosity that Choctaws are known for, we started the Choctaw Period Project. This donation-only initiative provides menstrual hygiene products in discreet “Period Packs” to rural school students in the 10 1/2 Counties of CNO at no cost. The goal is to sponsor at least one school in each county prior to the end of the current school year and connect with the community to provide products during the summer. Students in rural schools face challenges in accessing these much-needed products, and there are also many students who are in situations where there are financial barriers. The inability to access and afford these needed products can be a source of stress for students and affect their self-esteem, so we also promote positive self- image by including a positive affirmation card in each pack.
Monica Brooks

Whatever doors God opens and walks me through will be fine with me.
Sandy Pogue

I operate an animal rescue that is home based. I am also an ER nurse. We closed to visitors March of 2020. We just moved to a new property and home and are in the process of working out separate space for the rescue than our family home. We are going to be able to reopen to visitors and continue with our mission.
Lisa Moser

Stacey Gibson Anderson just received his doctorate with honors and proudly represented his Choctaw nation during the Indigenous ceremony.
Mike Gibson

Thanks, Choctaw Nation, for the help we have received. I will display my beautiful Choctaw Flag; this is to let people know I am proud of my heritage. Love the Choctaw Nation!
Betty Woodell

To get more involved with the Choctaw and learn of the language.
Betty King

I’m going to start my dissertation using Indigenous methodologies to explore why Indigenous students’ complete college at half the rate of another racial or ethnic group. And I’m going to do so by sharing my story and the stories of other Indigenous college students. I hope when completed I can provide more tools for white institutions to help Indigenous students and that the stories of persistence and strength will empower future generations.
Brittany Boone

We began an outreach in Montana called the Old Country Church. Our services are held in various locations like homes, parks, backyards, businesses, etc. Since beginning this vision the ministry has experienced a lot of growth. We were also able to produce, compose and release our first (Christmas) song this past year called, “Our Hometown, feat. Lindsey Henman.” I’m proud to bring my Choctaw heritage into this great state and let people see what an amazing God can do.
Jay Wallace

My grandmother (Annie Bee Maddox) was an original enrollee. I appreciate all that the Choctaw Nation has done for me, my children and grandchildren throughout these past years. After working in the oilfields for 45 years, I retired in 2016, and for a hobby I started making walking sticks and canes. I donate some to friends that need them, to auctions for benefits and sell some. Thank you again; I’m very proud of my Choctaw Heritage.
Gary Langham

I am excited to be launching the Native American Franchise Council. We will be offering free consulting, mentorship and coaching to Choctaws who are looking into owning their own businesses or franchising their existing business.
Jeff Alexander

This year, I’m beginning to work on my master’s degree. The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has been with me every step of the way through my academic renaissance, associate, bachelor’s, and now on to grad school!
Craig Jenkins