Together, were more

How has the Choctaw Nation made a difference in your community?

Together, we're more.

Published June 1, 2022

At the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, we pride ourselves on preserving and celebrating our many unique traditions. Together, we celebrate and honor the rich traditions passed down to us from our ancestors.

I enjoy living in a home built by Choctaw Nation Housing. A great blessing. Thanks for all the Tribe does for tribal members.
Jimmy Townsend

The Choctaw Nation and all of our people have helped me more than I could ever repay, but I would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude to the entire Nation. Thank you for everything you’ve helped me with in my life.
Bruce Lee Vines

They have made a difference in my life. I am Choctaw. They take care of their people.
Karen Pebsworth

Medical care and higher education in Norman, Oklahoma. Thanks to the Choctaw Nation, my daughter earned her four-year degree debt free.
Blake Blankenship

Enjoy the Labor Day Powwow. Lots of knowledge and very thankful for the assistance.
Rita Thomas

I live in California and enjoy the tribal visits to our area and learning more about Choctaw culture.
Billie Karstetter

I grew up in Bennington with all my cousins. My grandpa worked for Choctaw for I have no idea how many years. Growing up Choctaw made me who I am.
Kim Kim

The Choctaw Nation had really helped… and they are doing so much for the Choctaw people. Housing, medical, food, stimulus money and repairs on the Choctaw homes when needed. They give to the school. They are doing good for the Choctaw people.
David Mitchell

It helped educate my children.
Scott Lewis

The Choctaw Nation has helped me more than I could ever imagine, and I’m proud of the Choctaw people working so hard to help me and all our family. Thank you, God bless.
Billy Baken

My town, Calera, Oklahoma, has been affected by the Choctaw Nation so many ways. New roads, many new neighbors, better law enforcement, and local cities have become more involved in our growing problems as one.
Don Weddle

Without the Choctaw tribe’s help I could have lost my home. I am very thankful.
Hattie Fender

Choctaw Nation has been there for many times that I needed help. They got me house that I can live and breathe in, fixed water lines that froze and busted. I did without water 10 days. I was so glad to get a bath. I couldn’t have done it without help from the Choctaws.
Mary Slocum

When I was little and we had nothing, the Nation fed me. When my teeth were broken and hurting, they fixed them. My father lived a year longer due to the care he received in Talihina. All of this in the early 90’s before the casino… I am forever grateful to our community. To this day that continues. The Choctaw Nation provides daily for our community in new and creative ways. Always putting the children first. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for the Choctaw Nation. Yakoke!
J.T. McCoy

Definitely healthcare benefits.
Milton Ray Smith

The Choctaw Nation and all of their people have helped me help many of my renters in Leflore County more than I could ever say. Many of these individuals would have been homeless, and I as a property manager. Thank you.
Pat Bradley Kitchens

Here at rawhide ranch, we first purchased buffalo in 2004 from the Choctaw Nation and again on 5-13-2022 from the Choctaw Nation, four heifers and one bull. We live just south of the Red River, where they are located for viewing from the road. My family are all proud members of the Choctaw Nation tribe!
Bruce Ford

Choctaw Nation has improved the quality of life for Choctaws with education, medical care, and home improvements. Also, Choctaw Nation has helped non-Choctaws with careers and financial help. All this has strengthened our communities!
Patsy Eyachabbe

We wouldn’t have food in our fridge every month if it wasn’t for Choctaw nation and the monthly food card.
Julia Kirkland

The Choctaw nation has been Heaven sent for my family. We could never say how much we appreciate the Choctaw Nation. My wife and I are so thankful for you. God bless you, Choctaw Nation, for all you do for your people.
Jerry Arnold

I am thankful for my tribal health benefits and for everything my tribe does for the betterment of its people in many different ways! Yakoke, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma!
Larry-Lisa Harber Turney

Lots of good paying jobs with excellent benefits for our community!
Tammy Massingill Smallwood

Thank you, Choctaw Nation. You have done so much for our little community of Stigler, with the new baseball complex, the Travel Plaza, and jobs that you have provided. Yakoke, Ron Perry and the Choctaw Nation.
Lisa Edwards Followill

Investing in our schools and communities.
Kim Reich

Lots and lots of jobs!
Janette McDonald Christian

They were a big help on the improvements made to my church, Mount Nebo Baptist Church of Hartshorne. No words can explain how much they’re appreciated. I say all the time that people don’t have to be nice to you. Whenever they are you need to let them know. Thank you so much, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, for making the difference. God Bless You.
Aaron Williams

Summer school for the kids.
Dan Pagel

Free lunches for my kids, summer EBT. Very, very grateful.
Romero Cakie

Bridge and road near Crowder. WIC for all, babies, school allowances, etc. Not
me personally, but I know of those it has helped.

Karen Roby

Bonnie Williams

Elderly food card that’s renewed every month and the Covid relief.
Kim Brown

Choctaw has done so much for me personally, and I’m so thankful for my tribe!
DW Pair

They helped move in a home I am proud of! Three years ago, I had no place to call home, and thanks to Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, I feel secure and blessed to be here! Thank you all very much and God bless you all!
Brian Canada

Repaved roads, provided jobs, healthcare, home improvement, money and scholarships for school, just to mention a few. Money for the elderly for groceries and money for personal needs, which in turn pumps money into the local community. Let’s not forget about the supplies they provide for school age children. There is a lot more.
Ken Hamilton

In all ways. A caring people.
Harold Brewer

My daughter is Choctaw. They paid for school and medical for the casino employees and a lot of people but mainly Choctaw. I would say they are a blessing.
Ricky Foshee

They gave out the extra Covid money and grocery allowance, which helped us get by.
Joanna Walker Dixon

They help with schools and roads and are always willing to help the community anyway they can. Thank you to the Choctaw Nation.
Tony Airington

They spend a lot of money on our roads and schools.
Robert Whitfield

I am 86 years old and so very, very proud of my Choctaw heritage. So thankful for all the help from the Choctaw tribe that has helped me remain in my home!
Joan Cooper

We live in NC and are very PROUD of our Choctaw heritage. The Choctaws have helped us with our twin daughters from awarding them in school to help paying for their college education. The Choctaws are very giving and take care of their people. I am so proud to be a part of such a caring tribe… and I take every opportunity to talk about my heritage.
Tammy Shane Roper

Choctaw has helped me with twin grandchildren, myself and daughter. We love Chief and Asst. Chief. Choctaw people are the best; if the Tribe needs anything in Shawnee, Twin Lakes, I’m here. Stay strong, Choctaw.
Yvonne Irene Underhill

A very long time ago I had the opportunity to hear Choctaw singers and their beautiful language and harmony singing a gospel song. I have never forgotten it. It was so beautiful. I am now a 75-year-old elder living on the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Reservation.
Cathy Gryczan-Gryczanoski Chamberlain

The Choctaw Nation has taught my children to be proud of their heritage. Festival celebrations in the Valley are so fun to be at. Thank you for HEP and helping us financially to deal with Covid. We’re so proud of our current leadership. Thank you!
Dennis R. Moon

Choctaw Nation has been there for many times that I needed help. They helped get me a house that I can live and breathe in and fixed water lines that froze and busted. I did without water 10 days. I was so glad to get a bath. I couldn’t have done it without help from Choctaws.
Mary Slocum

Built homes, pre-schools, senior center, clinic, help in schools, roads.
Linda Hunt

I am only able to continue my education thanks to the Choctaw Technology Grant. Without this grant I would not have been able to purchase the laptop I needed to complete my courses in my pursuit of a BS in Intervention Specialist – Special Education. Yakoke!!! #ChoctawProud #TribalStrong #NativeBeauty #TogetherWeAreMore
Jen Blanton

I live in Kansas, and my children were able to get all their technology for school. Printer, laptop, and extra things they needed. Very thankful for my Choctaw heritage and the help they have offered to us.
Marcy Love

Not of Native heritage but I am continuously amazed as I learn more about the Choctaw people. The Nation is very involved and supportive of communities in their area through partner projects and philanthropic contributions.
Carolyn Mens

I appreciate the help with our three kids’ college education. They all are college graduates now. They assist my mom, Charlene M. Dunn, with groceries and medical care. We also greatly appreciate the Covid relief funding given. We are very proud to be Choctaw.
Cindy Dunn Baker

Summer school programs at the school!
Katie Percifield

We have a splash pad, park and houses added to our little town. the Choctaws have helped our community more than our citizens realize. Thank you from a grateful citizen.
Rickie Lynn Ouellette

The Choctaw Nation is a godsend to those who don’t try and abuse the blessings they supply for their members. In the situation our country is in at the moment, the Choctaw Nation has stepped up and continues to support not only its members but the Great State of Oklahoma as a whole. Although I am not a CDIB holder I can look around me and know I am blessed to live within the Choctaw Nation!!! May Our Great God continue to bless The Choctaw Nation.
Lee Couch

The Choctaw Nation has had a huge bearing on our county. Thank you!
Rhondia Chapman

Income-based housing, home improvement voucher program, storm shelters, elderly food programs. The list goes on and on.
Jeremy Lovell

Roads, financial assistance and fuel for volunteer fire departments. Thank you for what you do for everyone.
Donald Cathey

Choctaw Nation has a youth program every summer to teach on-the-job training for our younger children. They have a food distribution center to feed the needy, as well as jobs that are full-time and the Job for the Day program of 8 weeks training. They have housing for the needy with rental programs. For homeowners, they help pay utility bills year round. The list goes on. This page would not be big enough to tell all the Blessing that come from Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. We are so Blessed. Thank you, Choctaw Nation, for all you do. God Bless.
Rhonda Powell Young

They have done so much to improve the lives in Southeastern Oklahoma including roads, bridges, jobs, infrastructure for fire departments, police departments, health department, just too many to list.
Brian Pulliam

Choctaw Nation has done so much for me and my family. I
Appreciate it so very much. I am very thankful to be a member.

Johnnie Jean Logan

The City of Heavener is very appreciative to the Choctaw Nation! With Choctaw provided funding, the city has replaced broken playground equipment, provided grassland fire gear, helped with police vehicle down payments, built housing and so much more. Our communities are better together.
Amy Osborne

I’m not Choctaw, but my husband and daughter are. Choctaw has impacted my community by giving me a place to workout, be healthy, and meet awesome people at the Choctaw Wellness Center. Personally, I love walking the paved sidewalk around the pond and headquarters as well and talk to friends while staying healthy. Thank you!
Jessie Sallee