Together, we're more

How are you staying active this summer?

Together, we're more.

Published July 1, 2022

At the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, we pride ourselves on preserving and celebrating our many unique traditions. Together, we celebrate and honor the rich traditions passed down to us from our ancestors.

The Gardners are staying busy with lots of camping, boating, and fishing with family at several of Oklahoma’s incredible lakes along with lots of softball, baseball, and getting ready to gear up for football.
Miranda Gardner

Being part of the Trail of Tears Walk Challenge gave me the motivation I needed to start walking. I enjoyed learning our history along the way and remembering what those before us endured.
Kim Howard

My family is staying active at the Choctaw Nation Wellness center here in Poteau, Oklahoma. We also have a Parrot Island season pass; it’s nice to go cool off and have a wonderful time together. These are great summer memories we will cherish forever.
Marlena Gutschall

I am staying busy by remodeling homes at discount for people. My way of giving back to the community and trying to keep McAlester beautiful.
Vernon Baker

I get my outside chores done early in the morning. After I get cleaned up, I go visit my 91-year-old sister in her assisted living apartment. We walk the long hallways in the air conditioning!
Faye Durant

My son and I are giving paddleboarding a try this summer. We are looking forward to the Portland cultural meet-up later this month!
Amber LaParne

We have been very busy building our forever home in Tuskahoma just a few miles from the Choctaw capitol grounds.
Mike Hayes

My son Jacob has been playing baseball all summer long! They won first in their district, and today, they’re playing in the regional tournament!
Holly Jones Allensworth

Going to the lake and enjoying the temp and AC.
Brayden O’Donnell

Working and fishing (when it’s not too hot). Trying to think of ways to teach my six-year-old daughter what it means to be Chahta proud and preserve our heritage.
Stacy Morris

We are staying busy with our garden! It’s been such a blessing! We’ve enjoyed working and canning.
Kari Gossvener

After moving from OK to NM, my family is having fun hiking and exploring our new home!
Amber Lawson

Training for my first 100-mile ultra-marathon in October. Lots of hot, humid running miles before sunrise.
Blake McGee

Stomp Dance, Green Corn and East/West Ceremonial Dances with my Seminole/Muscogee side.
Reggie McGirt

Working in my garden and flower beds.
Kathy Dutton

We try our best to grow a garden. So far, I’ve put up tomatoes and corn for the winter; the okra is late, but I’ll be working on putting it in the freezer in a couple of weeks.
Emma Nanney

Taekwondo, rodeo and a garden.
Karla Eubanks

We are swimming, working out, and my girls dance and play volleyball!
Erica Noel Hogan

Julieana Holmes

I spend time with my baby Choctaw and Cherokee colt trying to get her gentle.
Victoria Kathleen Hicks-Heidelberg

My daughter is Choctaw; she is 10 months old and spends her time staying active by swimming in her little pool.
Chelsea Boucher

Riding my stationary bike 30 minutes each day.
JoAnn McLain Hicks

I will be going and spending fun times with family and friends this summer. We will be going camping and doing fun things out in nature!
Corttney Marin

Gardening, exploring the creeks, taking the kids to all the fun camps.
Ashlyn Jade Milligan

Taking care of my sheep ranch.
Mardi Klement

I’ve been going on trips for ROTC. The first trip was Boysstate where we learn about the government and the second is for leadership camp, and I was the First Sergeant of the camp.
Aaron Yargee

Walking, working out and keeping the grass mowed.
Scott Lewis

Getting in all the Choctaw camps we can.
Brandolyn Martinez

Early morning hike!
Jackie Louise Daniel

PT at home.
Penny Dobyns Czapiewski

Working for Indian Nation Wholesale delivering goods to the Choctaw Travel Plazas and casinos.
Turf Cleaner

Running, camping, fishing, bowhunting elk and deer – Oregon.
Kevin McCoy

Working with our horses and dogs.
Susan Taylor

Morning walks.
Jim N Renae Barnes

Roller skating with vm vlla tek.
Sarah Gipson

Work and lounging at my pool.
Tim Maxville

We have been using the Wellness Center and going to McGee Lake; we also enjoyed a stay at Aqua at the Choctaw Resort in Durant.
Jamie Dunn

Bo Medlock

Walking, working out, swimming.
Sherry Austin Kiesel

I’m doing classes at the Choctaw Nation Wellness Center including CrossFit and Functional bodybuilding. I run outside three times a week and enjoy how hot it is!
Britni Landers

Working, plus veggie gardening.
Junior Robison

Jake Linhart is staying active by mowing yards and swimming!
Sally Linhart

Denette Rose

Mowing my yard and I have a garden.
Deborah Linton

Fishing every chance I get when the heat isn’t too oppressive.
Tim Hancock

Drawing with sidewalk chalk, swimming, going on walks, exploring, working in my garden, two step dancing! I love the summer!
Rylee Hudson

We have a playground, trampoline, and water slide in our backyard. We also have fruit and nut trees with various plants in square foot gardens. We grow food to share and host gatherings for families. The families come over, and the parents enjoy watching the kids while visiting in our gazebo. Oh yeah, one more thing–we also have a pool to cool off, a trailer for visitors and bean bag toss for the adults. Hosting has been such a blessing for us!
Jan Guiterrez

Changing my eating habits and eating healthy food and trying to walk in the morning and evening.
Daisy Colbert

I have spent my time showing some people how to make some traditional Choctaw foods and also making corn husk dolls with my nieces and nephews. Taking some trips back and forth to Mississippi; every time I go there, I am always learning something new with the heritage and traditions. Also, I picked up some great ideas for my beading and am learning how to do basket weaving; this has taught me a lot of patience.
Joyce Gilmore

I’m newly retired, so I walk early in the morning and pull a few weeds … then allow my day to make up its mind for me.
Linda Whale De Vargas

Water; the lakes, YMCA, pools!
Marcy Love

Skateboarding on my new one, which has the Choctaw symbol of the sun … sun rays … the path of continual happiness in its griptape design.
Zee Jeff Taylor

Hiking, biking. Frequenting mountain town restaurants with drinks on the patio, enjoying the views!
Randy Norris

Julieana Holmes

Working on my plants late so they will remain healthy. The heat drops after dark, so you will find me some nights until 1130 doing my backyard work, trying to be quiet so I will not wake the neighbors.
Shirley Jones Marin

I’m driving back country roads, walking in forests, and helping some folks with special needs. And since it’s the 21st century, I also make time for the computer and the phone.
Marianne Locke

Working with our horses and dogs.
Susan Taylor

I’m having a blast fishing, kayaking, and bass tournaments with the Oklahoma Kayak Anglers!
Danny Bowen

Walking early to avoid heat, then going to the Choctaw Wellness Center for weight training and CrossFit.
Stephanie Stewart Engler

Chasing after my 1- and 3-year-old daughters! Instructing Zumba classes at the Hugo Wellness center and a combo of weightlifting/CrossFit. I am so thankful for all of the amenities that are offered at the Wellness Center!
Taylor Cox

Good way for me to stay active is to find some clay around Lake Texoma and try to create some new pottery.
Joyce Gilmore

We have a small ranch. …no lack of activity. Never caught. The best life though.
Larry Young