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Chahta Tosholi, Videos

Ishtaboli between the Two Great Removals

Jason Lewis, a Choctaw Nation citizen who works for the Mississippi Choctaws' Cultural Department gives a tour of games reported across the southern United States and the Choctaw Nation in the era between the two great removals of our Choctaw ancestors.

Chahta Tosholi, Videos

Choctaw-Ireland Scholarship Recipients

2021-2022 Choctaw-Ireland Scholarship recipients Austin West and Claire Green Young share about their experiences attending University College Cork. Chahta Foundation and college staff also provide more information about the program and application process.

Chahta Tosholi, Videos

An Inquisitive Prince Exhibit

View a virtual presentation of the exhibit of Choctaw items in the North American Collection from the Musee du quai Branly and discussion of the relationship between the Choctaw and French people in the 1700s.

Chahta Tosholi, Videos

Restoring Choctaw Academy

Choctaw Academy was the first federally run Indian boarding school and was largely financed by the Choctaw Nation. Dr. Chip Richardson, owner of the historic site, shares information, along with Dr. Ian Thompson and Francine Locke Bray, on restoration efforts and the site's significance.