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Choctaw Nation thrives due to sovereignty

Choctaw sovereignty is the most important aspect of maintaining a strong, resilient Nation where we can control our own destiny and forge our own path to create a place our ancestors dreamed of.

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Choctaw Nation’s Community Cultural Meetings highlight Choctaw life, culture

Highlights of art, dance and writing of the Choctaw Nation are on display at the Community Cultural Meetings.

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Ice storm brings warm feelings for the Choctaw Nation

Winter has shown us, once again, that whatever we have planned can always be changed by some cold winds, rain, and ice. Many Choctaw Nation administrative offices were closed due to icy conditions, while some had to remain open for our tribal members and communities.

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Watonlak Hvshi season is a good time to save the river cane

February corresponds with Crane month or Watonlak Hvshi season on the traditional Choctaw calendar. During this season, early Choctaw hunters were often in the canebrakes along the river's edge where animals spent the harshest part of winter.

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Partnerships help grow the Choctaw Nation

Chief Batton informs associates and tribal members of the many great partnerships that help grow the Choctaw Nation.

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Looking Ahead to the New Year

As we start 2023, I want to begin by wishing you and your family a "Happy New Year!" I hope the next 12 months are healthy, safe, and prosperous for you and all members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma!

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Chief Gary Batton’s 2022 Christmas Message

Chief Gary Batton shares Christmas holiday greetings.