Ironroad Cafeteria Renovating

Ironroad Café Closing for Renovations

The cafeteria officially closed for renovations on April 9, 2024

Published January 9, 2024

The Ironroad Cafe at the Choctaw Nation Health Care Center is closed for renovations to provide a larger cafeteria with faster flow and expanded seating for our customers. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we phase out some of our usual items to prepare for the closure and renovations. During this time, catering requests will not be accepted due to space constraints. As updated information is available, it will be added to this page. The closure is anticipated to last throughout 2024.

Below is the schedule of the food trucks lined up to provide options at the hospital campus.

Week of June 17-21
Truck Name
Hours of Operation
Phone Number

Sassy’s Café
Breakfast (and Lunch on Thursday)
June 17 and 20
918-413-5271 (text orders)

Fat Man’s BBQ
June 17-19
479-420-3050 (text only)

Frybread Express
June 21

Several Talihina-area restaurants are working to accommodate the increased customer volume.