Stephanie Roberts Choctaw Nation Photo

Tribal member and Tannehill Public School Special education teacher Stephanie Roberts

Together, We’re More Campaign Recognizes Special Education Teacher

Holds Give Away for Teachers Heading Back to the Classroom

Published August 9, 2023

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s (CNO) new series of the Together, We’re More campaign titled ‘Choctaw Proud’ features 18 tribal members from different careers, locations and walks of life, making a difference in Oklahoma and beyond. This month Choctaw Nation spotlights tribal member and Tannehill Public School teacher Stephanie Roberts. In tribute to teachers, CNO will also help three teachers supply their classrooms with needed items.

Just like many others, Special education teacher Roberts will return to the classroom just as she has done for over 20 years. This year, she will count herself among the new faces at Tannehill Public School in McAlester.

Roberts was inspired to teach after a family emergency where her cousin was struck by a vehicle at the age of five leaving her with a traumatic brain injury and physical disabilities.

Rather than resign themselves to the idea that their daughter would not be able to learn or function “normally,” the little girl’s parents advocated for her to receive an education comparable to other children her age.

Inspired by her cousin’s journey, Roberts began looking forward to a career working with children who, like her cousin, deserve the best education possible despite any impediments they may experience.

Roberts encourages those who feel called to the classroom to answer that call: “If it has been laid on your heart to be in education, you should go for it. There are challenges you have to face, but there are challenges in any workforce. Whether it’s nursing or retail or whatever, you’re going to face a challenge at some point. But the rewards you get from teaching are going to outweigh any negative.”

In honor of Roberts and teachers just like her, “Together, We’re More” is conducting a giveaway where three lucky teachers will be chosen to receive $200 towards their classroom Amazon wish list. To nominate your favorite teacher, go to

Learn more about Roberts love for teaching and how she celebrates her students’ accomplishments in the video below or at


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