Three Rivers Meat Company ribbon cutting ceremony Choctaw Nation Photo

Chief Gary Batton, Tribal Council and tribal partners cut the ribbon to celebrate Three Rivers Meat Company's grand opening in Octavia/Smithville on Friday morning.

Partnership between Choctaw Nation, Three Rivers Meat Company opens in LeFlore County

Published April 15, 2024

SMITHVILLE, Okla. – Three Rivers Meat Company, in partnership with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting event in Octavia/Smithville on Friday morning.

Three Rivers is a USDA meat processing facility that also produces value added products and features a retail area with a cafe. The opening of the facility is a major win for area residents, who previously had to drive an hour away to purchase fresh meat and produce.

Choctaw Nation partnered with tribal member Dusty Nichols, Brandon White, Jason Hering and Dr. Brad Morgan to open the facility, which has a USDA inspector on site grading the quality of meat produced. By being a USDA-inspected site, Three Rivers can sell and ship processed products and meat across state lines.

“The best partnerships are those where everyone involved brings something necessary to the success of the partnership,” Nichols said. “The Choctaw Nation as a partner in a meat processing facility not only brings their resources and cattle but also provides valuable experience in business and leadership. We all recognize that this is a unique partnership, and we are committed to its success for the long term.”

The partnership is a natural fit for Choctaw Nation, which launched the Choctaw Beef program in 2023. Three Rivers will serve as an additional processing plant for Choctaw Beef alongside H&L Processing in Coalgate.

Three Rivers sets itself apart from other meat processing plants by having a meat market with added value products in the same facility. They will mainly process beef and hogs but can also take wild game, goats and lambs, and they have a detailed tracking system to ensure customers receive meat from the animal they brought in. Three Rivers will start at 75 butcher orders a week, but plan to grow their capacity in the future.

The retail store boasts freezer and cold sections, as well as fresh produce. Three Rivers Cafe has a meat and deli counter with fresh cuts of meat, deli meats, house-made cheese and precooked items. They also have in-house value-added products, such as sausage, bacon and chicken fried steak.

“We are thrilled to partner with tribal members on projects, but especially on businesses that serve such an important need in Choctaw Nation,” said Jody Standifer, executive officer of Agriculture, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. “Food deserts are an issue in rural areas, and we’re thrilled to help solve that problem for our tribal members and area residents.”

Three Rivers Meat Company’s will be open for processing from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, and the retail area will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. To place an order with Three Rivers, visit or stop by 69911 US Highway 259 in Smithville.

About The Choctaw Nation

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