Child Abuse Prevention Month

Published April 18, 2022

By Chief Gary Batton


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and the Choctaw Nation is ensuring that we’re doing our part to raise awareness.

The health and safety of our Choctaw children is important. We have a duty to protect them and instill in them the Chahta Spirit of faith, family, and culture so that they can grow, thrive, and have a positive cultural identity.

There are approximately 250 Choctaw children currently in tribal and state foster homes.

These are our children, our tribe, and our future, so let’s stay committed to the preservation of Choctaw families and our heritage. Contact Choctaw Children and Family Services at 800-522-6170. If you’re interested in helping our children and would like to foster a child, contact 580-924-8280.

Yakoke and God bless!