Land and Title

Donna Loper, Executive Director 
Traci Umsted, Senior Director, Land and Title 
Tom Lowry, Senior Director, Natural Resources 


Land & Title Programs-- Contact information 580.924.8280 

Real Property Management—Contact information 580.924.8280 
Shreda Graham – Director 

The Real Property Management Program does the following functions: TAAMS encoding, Fee to Trust Acquisitions, Removal of Restrictions, Leases: Agriculture, Hunting and Business, Rights of Ways, Easements, Land Titles & Records, Answer Quiet Title Suits, Trust Assets and Accounting Management System, Appraisals on Trust and Restricted lands. We provide title information for heirs, Oil and Gas Landman, Tribal Police, Social Security and the Department of Human Services.

Probates: -- Contact information 580.924.8280 
Brenda Gabbart – Director 

Probates does the following functions: Inventories for Probates for attorneys, Report for Distributions, USA in Trust Probates, TAAMS and ProTrac encoding. Assist Oklahoma Indian Legal Services who is a non-profit legal aid office that provides services to low-income Indian living in Oklahoma. The attorneys and staff at OILS represent Native American people in probates and other cases in all counties of Oklahoma.(contact for OILS 405.943.6457). 


Natural Resources Programs 

Forestry – Contact information – 918.567.2321 office, 918.567.3501 fax 
Kendall Carpenter – Director 

The Choctaw Nation Tribal Forestry Services Department is a forestry wildland fire-fighting unit within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Located in Talihina Oklahoma, the department serves all 10 ½ counties with the Nation including McCurtain, LeFlore, Haskell, Latimer, Pushmataha, Choctaw, Bryan, Atoka, Pittsburg, Coal and the southern half of Hughes County. The Forestry Program is dedicated to the forest resources of the Choctaw people, management of tribal and individual allotted lands wherever services are needed. The Forestry Program will be happy to assist Choctaw people with any problems or questions they might have concerning their forest resources. The Choctaw Firefighters Program currently has wild-land firefighters. These firefighters assemble as 20-man crews and are dispatched by the U.S. Forest Service to major forest fires throughout the United States. The Forestry Program also offers an Invasive Species program that can assist Tribal members with the removal and control of the ever increasing feral swine problem that continues to increase within the boundaries of the Choctaw Nation. This program assist with trapping and education of removal techniques for this increasing problem. 

Land Management: -- Contact information 580.924.8280 
Jack Hicks- Director 

The Land Management Program provides technical assistance and creates partnerships with USDA programs to develop conservation practices that protect and enhance our Natural Resources on Tribal (Trust and Fee) and/or Individual Restricted lands. It also helps land owners to identify financial assistance through cost-share programs.