Land and Title

Appraisals and Land Acquisitions -Wayne Wylie, Executive Director 580-924-8280, Ext 2263,

Real Estate Appraisals on restricted/trust property for district court cases. Contact person for proposed Land Acquisitions.


Real Property Management Program -Traci Umsted, Director 580-924-8280, Ext 2225,   

Business and Agriculture Leases, Quit Title Suits, Heirship research on restricted property, (surface and minerals) Easements and Right-of-Way.


Land Titles and Records Program -Donna Loper, Senior Director 580-924-8280, Ext 2338, 

Title Status Reports to BIA, research and input TAAMS System, Review and record all Trust documents, Inventory of Tribal and Individual Allotments.


Probates -Brenda Gabbart, Director 580-924-8280, Ext 2204, 

Inventory for heirs, BIA, and Attorneys on probates, Memorandum of distribution on completed probates, works with Oklahoma Indian Legal Services (OILS)


TAAMS -Shreda Graham, Coordinator 580-924-8280, Ext 4265,   

Records and inputs all documents into a BIA tracking system.


Special Trust Program -Jessie Kemp, Supervisory Reality Specialist 580-924-8280, Ext 2790,   

Prepares all packages to place fee properties into trust status for the Tribe.


Transportation/Roads Program -Bill Blankenship, Director 580-924-8280, Ext 2259, 

Performs maintenance and construction on selected roads within the Choctaw Nation boundary.