Jones Academy Services

Jones Academy Services

With the support of the Choctaw Nation Health Services program, Jones Academy is able to provide a wide array of services for its students. Students receive complete physical exams soon after the school year begins. A registered nurse is on-site five days a week throughout the year.

Jones Academy Services include:

  • Summer work program
  • Earn gift cards for desired purchases
  • Career counseling
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • College and ACT test preparation
  • Senior graduation expenses paid
  • Jones Academy scholarship program for graduates receiving post-secondary schooling
  • Vocational training through the Kiamichi Technology Center
  • Agriculture program
  • Driver’s license training
  • Mental health and therapeutic services
  • Health fair
  • Life Skills curriculum
  • Social Services staff
  • Campus security
  • Nutrition education

Proud History of Education


The long-range goals of our academic program are to develop capable students who can read and write proficiently and perform math functions necessary in life. We believe that building a strong foundation for our children will lead to success. 

Our students above grade 6 attend the Hartshorne Public Schools. They are fully supported in their academic endeavors as well as extra-curricular activities. Grades are monitored weekly to insure that the student is performing to the best of his/her ability and receiving proper instruction. Tutorial services are offered to students in all grades. Students receive incentives for academic achievements. High school students are provided career counseling for post-secondary education such as college or vocational training.

Jones Academy houses an alternative school for students whose needs have not been met in the traditional classroom or who are behind in grade level. The limited class size and self-paced curriculum allow the teachers to give the students individualized academic attention. The Choctaw Nation now operates its own school at Jones Academy. Grades first through sixth are presently held on our campus.


Jones Academy Medical Services

With the support of Choctaw Nation Health Services, Jones Academy is able to provide health care for our students. Our youth receive complete physical exams soon after school begins. 

Throughout the year, a registered nurse is on site five days of the week. 

Other medical services are referred to the Choctaw Nation Indian Health Clinic at McAlester and the Choctaw Nation Indian Hospital at Talihina.


Jones Academy Recreation

Jones students know how to have fun.  Our goal is to involve all students in cultural, educational and recreational activities. Jones offers a wide variety of recreational outlets to the students. 

Students are encouraged to participate in our cultural and traditional programs including the Indian Club, traditional dance, pow-wows, visits to ancient burial mounds and tribal festivals and museums.

Recreational activities include intramural sports, camping, swimming, fishing, social dances, bowling, skating, movies, picnics, horseback riding, and many other services.

Enrichment Program

Evening Enrichment Program

The true success of Jones Academy is what happens inside. Since Jones Academy essentially serves as home for its students, every effort is made to include many aspects of stable, productive lives outside the school day. Students at Jones are provided the same opportunities and experiences they might find in a supportive and stable family environment.

H.O.P.E. for Children Enriching Young Lives

The Jones Academy HOPE (Higher Order Preparatory Education) evening enrichment program includes the following:

  • An outstanding academic enrichment program – Proven programs utilizing different components and software bolster student learning, but in a fun and unique way.
  • Social skills – Students learn proper etiquette for situations such as job interviews, mealtime manners, introductions, public speaking and character education.
  • Artistic expression – Group and individual lessons in voice, musical instruments and dance help Jones students gain self confidence and express their personal creativity.
  • Writing skills – Professional journalism training teaches students to express themselves in writing while sharpening research skills as they gather information for school newspaper articles.
  • Hands-on activities – Students who have a gardening interest have a plot on-campus to raise flowers or vegetables.
  • Physical activity – Martial arts, horsemanship, animal assisted therapy and animal care can help students be more physically active and emotionally well-balanced.
  • Special Dinners – Periodic special dinners allow students to showcase their accomplishments.


Jones Agriculture Program

Jones students in the third through twelfth grades learn life skills and responsibility through the Academy’s hog program. Dozens of Jones students become a part of their animals’ lives. 

Each student – depending on age - is assigned one to three pigs and is responsible for their care before school, after school and, at night, if needed. 

Students feed, exercise, brush, clean pens – and then show their pigs in livestock competitions at local, state and national levels. 

For more than a decade Jones students have won numerous awards including Grand Champion Market Barrow at the 2006 Oklahoma Youth Expo in Oklahoma City and Grand Champion Market Hog at the 2003 and 2006 Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fairs in Fort Smith.

“I tell our kids we are a team like any other team,” says Brandon Spears, Jones Academy Agricultural Supervisor. “We work together, we lose together and we win together.”