Non-Migratory Game Birds Hunting


Bobwhite and Scaled | Nov. 11 – Feb. 15

Daily Limit: 10, 20 in possession after the first day.

Legal Means of Taking

  • Shotgun (conventional or muzzle loading), bow and arrow, blow gun, or legal raptor.
  • At no time shall any covey or quail be shot while resting on the ground, a practice commonly referred to as “pot shooting.”

Shooting Hours

One-half hour before official sunrise to official sunset.

Hunter Orange

For hunter orange requirements, see Title 110.


Fall Archery | Oct. 1 – Jan. 15

One tom turkey

Spring – Bow & Shotgun | Apr. 16 – May 16

One tom turkey regardless of method of take.

Youth – Bow & Shotgun | Apr. 13-14

  • One tom turkey regardless of method of take.
  • A turkey taken during the youth spring season counts toward the regular spring turkey season limit of one turkey.

Legal Means of Taking

  • Archery: Equipment described as legal for big game.
  • Shotgun: Conventional or muzzleloading, using shot no larger than BB (.180 of an inch in diameter) are legal.