Migratory Game Birds Hunting

Dove | Sept. 1 – Oct. 31; Dec. 1-29

  • Daily Limit: 15. The limit may consist of any combination (aggregate) of mourning, white-winged and fully dressed Eurasian collared doves (those without a head or fully feathered wing naturally attached to the carcass).
  • There is no bag limit on Eurasian collared doves provided that the head or one fully feathered wing remains naturally attached to the carcass of all such birds while being transported to their final destination.

Crow | Oct. 10 – Nov. 16; Dec. 9 – March 4

No daily limit or possession limit

Legal Means of Taking

Firearms, archery equipment, legal raptors and as otherwise provided under Choctaw Statutes Title 110: Fish, Game, and Animals Choctaw Nation Fish, Game, and Animals Code. Shotguns larger than 10 gauge are prohibited. There is no magazine restriction for firearms. Electronic calls are legal.

Depredation Order

Federally approved nontoxic shot must be used when taking crows under depredation order. Federal law provides for a depredation order for crows when committing or about to commit depredations or when concentrated in such numbers and manner as to constitute a health hazard or other nuisance. For a complete copy of the Depredation Order, see 50 CFR, Part 21.43.

Woodcock | Oct. 28 – Dec. 11

Daily Limit – 3

Wilson’s (Common) Snipe | Sept. 30 – Jan. 14

Daily Limit – 8

Rail (Sora & Virginia) | Sept. 1 – Nov. 9

Daily Limit – 25

Gallinule (Purple & Common) | Sept. 1 – Nov. 9

Daily Limit – 15