Hospitality House

The Hospitality House offers a unique service by providing a “Homeaway- from home” for family members and loved ones of patients from outside the Talihina area as well as for patients who live out of the area that have an appointment the next day. With a loved one in the hospital or a next day appointment, we understand that you have more important things to worry about than where you’re going to stay or how early you have to leave home to get here. At the Hospitality House, we want to make your stay convenient and stress-free as if you were staying at home.

Conveniently located near the Health Care Center, the Hospitality House provides a beautiful and affordable place to stay. A surveillance system adds to the security and safety of our guests. The Hospitality House can accommodate approximately 32 people in its 8 rooms. It offers a shared kitchen and dining area along with a living/ sitting area with a TV. Each bedroom is equipped with 2 queen size beds, a private bathroom, shower and vanity.

For more information, please call (800) 349-7026.

Guest Criteria

  • All guest admissions are by referral only. The referrals are completed by Choctaw Nation Health Services.
  • The Hospitality House will only house family members with next day appointments and family members of patients in the hospital that live more than 50 miles outside of the Talihina area.
  • In order to provide for all of those in need, the Hospitality House guests will be limited to one room per family.
  • There must be an admitted patient in the hospital for whom the guest is either a caregiver, family member or loved one.
  • All next day appointments will be verified prior to issuing the guest a referral for a room.
  • We are unable to serve individuals who are ill or in need of continuing care (i.e. apparatus requiring electrical support, or suspected of alcohol/drug intoxication and treatment).
  • All guests are asked to remember to check in and out at the front desk.
  • Guests are asked to leave a minimum donation of $5.00 per person per night, if possible to maintain the hospitality house.