Homeowners Energy Management Services

We provide energy audit services for privately owned homes for Tribal members throughout the Choctaw Nation's boundaries. Audits are performed on a first come first serve basis. Audits provide instruction and education on how to increase savings on monthly recurring energy cost for homeowners. Our certified technicians use state-of-the-Art equipment and software along with visual inspections to provide the homeowner with a comprehensive report and energy efficiency upgrade cost estimate.

Eligibility Requirements:

CDIB verification of applicant

Verification of Choctaw Tribal Membership

Copy of recent utility bill

Copy of Social Security

Proof of income

Copy of Veterans ID Card (if applicable) 



Tom Clemons
Phone: 580-317-7089
Email: [email protected]

HEMS Clerk Nancy Kirby  (580) 927-1074  fax: (580) 927-2893 Email:  [email protected]

Audit Technician Dustin Battles   Districts 5/6/9/10/11/12   (580) 312-7735

Audit Technician Leslie James Districts 1/2/3/4/7/8 (580) 372-3721   

Streamline energy efficiency home improvement loans can be acquired through the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Home Finance Department

Application (PDF)

Release (PDF)