Williams, Lenora Anabella Dendy

Lenora Anabella Williams Dendy – Roll #15528

Born Februrary 27, 1879, Walnut Hill, Williams Mtn., Eagle Co., Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.

Died October 4, 1961.
Married Daniel Baker Dendy – Feb. 10, 1856 to June 11, 1942
Father: Samuel Williams
Mother: Parilee Hoff Williams

Grandmother: Rebecca Williams (Moshulatubbee’s Daughter)
Grandfather: Samuel Williams; Believed to have been caucasion Captain in the army.

*Samuel Marcus Dendy: October 31, 1893 to July 12, 1924.
*Minnie Idella Dendy Jameson: March 3, 1897 to Oct. 21, 1975.
*James Lindly Dendy: May 15, 1899 to June 13, 1985.
*Ozella Dendy Mcdonald: July 31, 1901 to Sept. 25, 1990.
*Herbert Buck Dendy: September 7, 1903.
*Yula Berl Dendy Urice: August 1, 1905.
*Lenora Lenoa Dendy Smith: Sept. 1, 1907 to Dec. 22, 1992.

Six of seven children were enrollees.
Samuel Williams

Lauda Rebecca Williams
Ozella Williams
Lena Clementine Williams
Laura C. Williams

Children Of Samuel Marcus Dendy:
King Williams: Birth Date Unknown
Mark Williams: Birth Date Unknown

Children Of Minnie Idella Dendy Jameson:
John Herbert Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
Betty Jo Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
Stuart Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
Ginger Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
Loa Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
Ralph Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.

Children of Ozella Dendy McDonal:
Lenora Foster Arguellas: July 28, 1926.

Children of Yula Beryl Dendy Urice:
Joe Roy Urice: March 1, 1924.
Wynona Jane Urice Morrow: August 29, 1926.
Billie Marion Urice Byers: January, 17
James Arthur urice: February 11, 1931.

Childen of Leonora Leona Dendy Smith:
Jeanne C. Smith: Sept. 16, 1928.
James Leonard Smith: July 28, 1932.

Notable Ancestor:
Chief Moshulatubbee.