Williams, Izzy

Lizzie Williams

Submitted by: Margaret Clark

Lizzie (Williams) Jones was born to Moses and Wynie Thompson Williams in Gaines County, Hartshorne, Indian Territory. She was put on the roll at 9 years of age. She, also had two sisters that were original enrollees. She had a half-brother and a half-sister remarried after the death of her father.

My aunt, whom I called, “Mama” lived 10 miles east of McAlester, Oklahoma and attended High Hill Baptist Church. She was a faithful servant on the Lord. I recall seeing her sitting on the porch in the summer time, reading her Bible and singing Choctaw hymns. Another event I remember is that she would walk a mile or more to the Old Carbon Grade School to vote at election time.

Her husband died leaving her to care for four girls and a son. She was a widow all of the years I knew her. She was a hard working woman and did the type of work that men usually did. She would harness the mule to a plow and tilled the soil for her garden. The Lord blessed her with a beautiful garden. She canned the vegetables and dried fruit. She would get us up early to go harvest the crops in the collness of the morning. By 10:00 AM we were on the back porch preparing the vegetables and fruit for canning. She would always do the canning because she didn’t was us using the pressure cooker because it could be very dangerous if handled improperly. It would be so hot in the kitchen that I could see perspiration rolling off of her face.

She milked the cows, made her own butter, raised hogs and chickens so we always ate well. I recall her drying fruit and corn on the roof of the house. She cut wood for fuel and could kill a snake with her twenty-two rifle when necessary.

It wasn’t all work because he had time for fun, too. She would take us to town where we had an ice cream cone (a treat) and go to cowboy movie. Sometimes she would let us have party where we played games. She would bake a cake and serve Kool-aid and refreshments.

My aunt has made the transition to heaven where no doubt, she is singing Choctaw hymns and worshipping her lord.