Ward, Walter Gus

Walter Gus Ward Cousin of Dave Ward

Walter Gus Ward was born 1876, in Texas his father as also born in Texas. Some of the Ward’s lived in Bonham, Texas and some lived on the Preston Road, the route to Dallas, Texas from the Choctaw Nation. Gus’s mother was born in Arkansas, she was of Cherokee blood. Many of the Cherokees after their TRAIL OF TEARS, did not live in the Cherokee Nation they settled in Arkansas and built homes in Arkansas. These Cherokees are not on the rolls. They did not want to be on the rolls. Many Indians after there treatment they received from the government in the removal did not even want the government to know where they were. Gus Ward was married three times, according to the records. His first marriage was to Ada Freeman, from Grand Valley, Choctaw Nation. They were married in the Beaver Hotel, by Rev. Munsell (from the Beaver Herald Newspaper). Gus’s second marriage was to Minnie B. Combs Feb. 1-1899. Miss Combs was from Summerfield, Choctaw Nation. Gus’s third marriage was to Miss Sallie LeFlore (daughter of Mack H. LeFlore). Miss Sallie LeFlore’s Aunt Millie LeFlore had a farm where LeFlore, Oklahoma is located today in the Choctaw Nation, much like Tabitha Hickman Ward. Her land was taken for the town of LeFlore, the town received its name after Millie LeFlore. She was an old maid and raised any child who did not have a home. She some times had as many as 12 orphans, in her home. She also raised some children fro her own relatives that had passed away. Mack LeFlore was the son of Wallace LeFlore; Wallace LeFlore was a son of Michelle LeFlore and Mahaley Jones LeFlore. Louis LeFlore also lived in LeFlore, Choctaw Nation he was also a son of Michelle LeFlore and Kahaley Jones LeFlore. Millies farm was taken for LeFlroe, so the town was named for her. This was customary at this time. The date these towns were founded, was along time before the Dawes Comm. Rolls. The rolls were taken between 1896 and 1906. Any of the Choctaws who died before 1896 were not on the rolls. If a Choctaw died before Sept. 1902 they were stricken from the rolls. This is the reason some people cannot find their ancestors roll number. Many families were enrolled on a field card together in a family group, if your family was enrolled in a family group on the same roll field card, then look up the number of the field card and order the field card from the Federal Archive in Fort Worth, Texas. You can order a copy of each field card from Fort Worth. This gives you the information on each family member. This field card also gives all of the family members roll numbers, sex, age, father and mothers name. Gus Ward was known in LeFlore, Choctaw Nation as the Cattle Baron, it is said he had over 1000 head of cattle and he had two or three men that did nothing but buy cattle for him. No one really knew how many cattle he owned, there were too many to county. George Ward lived at (Hodgen) Houston, Choctaw Nation and Walter Gus Ward also lived at Houston, Choctaw Nation. George Ward was the father of John Ward, Charles ward, Luther Ward and Claud Ward. John Ward was the father of Clyde ward. Claud Ward was a telegraph operator in DeQueen, Luther Ward was a telegraph operator in Sallisaw, Charles Ward was a telegraph operator in Spiro, Choctaw nation. John had one daughter Nettie Mae Ward. John Ward was a farmer. In my research I have found many Ward’s and some could be related, I wanted to put this in the book, so that anyone who would want to do research could have what I have found so far.